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The personal trainers Masterclass: Seven Steps to building a PT Studio that Works.

the fitness business roadmap master class and workbook (valued $100)

you’ll get a free digital copy of the personal trainers Roadmap Workbook

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Click the button now to join me for this free Masterclass for personal trainers thinking about owning their own Personal Training Studio in the near future. 

during this free masterclass you will discover:

The 7 steps to a Personal Training Business that works even in an overcrowded City of Personal Trainers, gyms and diets! 

I’ll give you seven real-life processes you can use right away that draw from what works in the world’s best companies. We’ll work together to start closing the gap between the PT business you have, and the one you really want.

Take back your life.

I’ll show you how to use systems to finally design your business the way YOU want it (and actually keep it that way.)

How to Get Your Questions Answered.

I want you to be able to apply these principles to get results as soon as possible. So I’ll be walking you through some actions you can take for the next week after the Masterclass, taking your questions, and I’ll show you how to get even more help from me if you want it.


Joe is someone who I’d encourage everyone who’s in the fitness industry, especially who wants to have their own business, to really look at what he did. I’ve seen what he did and I’ve been to his facility and I’ve seen what goes on there and it’s amazing, it’s remarkable, so he’s someone I’d definitely follow if I was looking to upskill myself and copy success.
— — Pete Cohen, Fitness Mindset Academy
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