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How Much Should I Charge As A Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, it's tricky business figuring out how much to charge clients. And it's easy to feel pressured to undersell yourself in order to gain new clients.

So how much should you charge? Whether you're setting rates for the first time or reassessing your prices, here are four questions you can ask yourself to quantify the value of your time and services. 

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Program Design Fee

Undervaluing yourself?

Seems to be the norm in the fitness industry

In my normal debrief session with a trainer yesterday he shared how he went about charging for program design

First thing first in no way had we planned for him to charge for program design alone

Anyway, that's for me and him to discuss but for the purposes of this post here's why you shouldn't charge for just program design and if you do, how you should go about charging for it…

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