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You are responsible for your client’s results. A certification won’t magically do that by itself.

Now, the backstory. Not too long after I passed my personal trainer certification, I received a phone call. It was a personal training client, and she was in absolute distress. “How could you Joe?!? You said I would lose the weight in time for my daughter’s wedding!”

She imagined her daughter’s beautiful day and imagined herself as being the most beautiful version of herself in it. She was epically pissed.

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Trainers preach to clients that a fitness coach helps people reach their goals faster. Yet most trainers have never hired a coach for themselves, so they are basically hypocritical: do what I say, don’t do as I do.

Opening a gym is something that experienced trainers will fantasize about when they have built up a loyal client base. Yet to take the leap requires more than a great body and raving fans. It takes business acumen. It requires a strong mindset, full of integrity.

Take my story.

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There are more than a few gym business models. I believe that being a personal trainer is a results-driven business and people should take that into account when they open their own gym business.

Clients will demand a unique, personalised and memorable experience, and the model should absolutely reflect that.

Nevermind the start-up costs of a gym (for now). If you just beginning or are now just getting serious about business, it’s actually better to start by working through some preliminary questions. We find these fundamental:

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Making Exercise Irresistible, with Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry

Show Highlights

  • How HPT5’s programs encourage trainers to think differently about their work
  • Why a thorough and hands-on knowledge of biomechanics is a must for trainers.
  • Why trainers need to orient themselves towards an aging public.
  • Understanding injury management, and why therapy and fitness are inseparable.
  • How inspiring others comes not from lecturing, but by asking the right questions.
  • “Your value is not in programming.” Why trainers need to focus on cultivating client experiences.
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