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Fitness Studio Consulting Services

Our work is collaborative. We transfer the benefits of our skills and experience to the client using their existing personnel and resources – there’s no need for them to change their staff or buy more resources. This normally consists, mostly, of new project work, and 80% of our annual work is for existing studio owners who are doing just this. Together with the client, we’ll decide on specific objectives that contribute to the client’s business (and more often than not personal goals). We make sure these objectives have clearly-established outcomes and timings. Our engagements are generally completed within one to three months.


Our approach revolves around a simple idea: to improve the client’s circumstances so that their business serves their dream life, rather than consuming it. That is why we have these values underlined on our website's homepage: Fitness, Family and Freedom.

One of the fundamental elements of our success is that we help the studio owner to redefine and reinvent themselves, so they can use value innovation, untapped talents and market space to make the competition irrelevant. At the same time, they usually surpassing their earlier business goals.

What We do

Here are a handful of examples from our ever-growing portfolio of international clients. It is important to note that they highlight specific, on-site interventions we have made for these clients, and not the full range of our work.

Programming Systemisation

It’s not uncommon for us to work with managers who don’t have systems in place for their main operating areas. Our work here can range from evaluating and identifying where systems are needed, to designing and building missing systems. We can also be involved in documenting systems, in operational manuals, checklists and stands of procedures (SOPs). We help our clients to design ways of doing business and to develop a turnkey business (with accompanying organisational charts) that can be scaled so they can create brand personalities that their customers can identify with. We also help with the design of exercise and nutrition frameworks and delivery.


Workshops & Certifications

For the training organisations, Fit Innovations Singapore, Indonesian Trainer Association and GOIFEX, we designed and implemented programs for their professional development programs. 

These covered the areas of: innovation, language and behavioural profiling, inside-out coaching programs, confidence and leadership skills, flow and performance consultant accredited workshops and specific hands-on semi-private coaching models.

Innovation and Strategy

In some cases, we’ve had to challenge owners on everything they thought they knew about running a fitness studio. This is where our landmark work upends the traditional ways of thinking and doing, when it comes to the fitness industry.

One client, in particular, was sick to death with the amount of competition and claimed “there is more supply than demand” and asked what one should do to survive. We suggested that, rather than competing in existing, overcrowded markets - gunning for the same clients with limited growth opportunities - why not create a new market space. Capture new demand and make the competition irrelevant? He agreed. We designed and implemented a program to foster this innovation and strategy. The results included redefining his studio in terms of what they did better than anyone else in the industry. They established a vision and a mission to be number one, based on what was important to them and the results of their preferred client. They added more value, of course, at the same time as they drove down costs.


Darren Davies decided to switch careers, from the hair-dressing world to the fitness industry. We helped him to understand which direction he should pursue, as a personal trainer. 


Once we had identified this, we introduced regular accountability and success coaching sessions, individual skills-building, orchestrated client assessments, training protocols, personal branding and the collaboration of key people to create a multi-faceted approach and a referable business plan.


We’ve designed and facilitated crucial meetings, between shareholders, partners and employees, in order to gather information about discrepancies. For example, we investigate why there is a reduction in quality or a lack of support and buy-in from individuals about key business decisions. We establish a basis for communication, when the stakes are high, and provide the tools for talking within a proven environment, for transformational meetings.

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Mentoring and Coaching

We’ve assisted in private mentoring and coaching programs with owners and individual personal trainers. They all had something in common; that they wanted to learn effective strategies to attain more certainty, confidence and energy, to help them excel in the three key areas of their lives; fitness, family and freedom.

Marketing Research, Reporting, Customer Service and Quality

We’ve designed tools for internal use and we’ve partnered with external services such as mystery shopping services, enquiry and call tracking. We’ve have helped clients with their marketing ROI, as well supplied tools to carry out marketing research on client demographics. All of these tools measure quality of service, compliance with regulations and/or gather specific information about products and services for training and innovation purposes. In particular one tool, we use, can graphically capture the current strategic landscape and the future prospects for any fitness business, in one simple picture.

Events and Book Launches

We are the architects of the ‘Dine on a Diet’ events; creating menus for various restaurants. We’ve partnered fitness studios with local restaurants and custom designed launches for books that were co-authored by personal trainers and their clients. 

We’ve helped create and package trial memberships and challenges such as the eight–week skinny jeans challenges, the ‘fat man to fit man’ challenge and ‘the little black dress’ challenge

Sales, Retention and Referrals

We analyse sales, retention and referral processes and measure them against our standards or against the outcomes set by the studio’s owner. This often means updating or creating new processes, training staff and assessing specific business outcomes.

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