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My name is Joe Hanney and I help personal trainers and studio owners increase revenue by becoming the obvious choice in their City.

I do this also by helping them design businesses that operate, perform and act like the successful brands you regularly visit today.

Joe’s passionate about helping these owners set their own rules; look after their clients, the way they want to and – most importantly – pay themselves what they’re worth. They can do all of this whilst creating a business that serves their life. Joe’s help is based on his own personal values: fitness, family and freedom. These values are the foundations of his 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Over this time Joe built the highly profitable U Fit Studio, from the ground up, and then sold it on. He frequently speaks at conferences, such as GOIFEX International Sports, Fitness & Health Expo, ILAB for Entrepreneurs and many more.

Joe is someone who I’d encourage everyone who’s in the fitness industry, especially who wants to have their own business, to really look at what he did. I’ve seen what he did and I’ve been to his facility and I’ve seen what goes on there and it’s amazing, it’s remarkable, so he’s someone I’d definitely follow if I was looking to upskill myself and copy success.
— Pete Cohen, Fitness Mindset Academy

Most of the stress in Joe’s life comes from being a Liverpool FC supporter.

In his free time, you’ll more than likely find Joe training or competing for his next sporting event. He completed the London Marathon, in 2015, having set himself the challenge to raise funds towards his personal target of £50,000, for the Youth Sport Trust. In 2017, he completed the Bali Marathon’s 10 km race in a personal best time of 41 mins and 30 seconds. Where most people would think one sport was enough, Joe continued his charity work, setting himself the challenge of the Bali Triathlon, where he finished 13th overall.

Joe gets a huge buzz to see someone achieving success against the odds. That was possibly the inspiration that led to him winning IFS personal trainer of the year, in 2008; IFS health and fitness manager of the year, in 2012 and forming and founding his own fitness studio, in 2010.


Joe continues to help committed people, whether they’re personal trainers or fitness studio owners, through his consultancy work. In addition to this, Joe has established his own brand, The Fit Man Collective, where he coaches men from all walks of life: trainers, businessmen, former and current professional sportspeople, recreational athletes, fitness models, fathers and husbands. It is also here that he combines his lifelong goals: helping people break through challenges to reach their true potential, to transform their lives, and to achieve the body of their dreams. He does this while simultaneously supporting his long-standing philanthropic projects.

Joe is engaged to Angling Tilarsih; together they are a very active couple, regularly traveling to take part in sporting events and experiencing different cultures around the world. They live on the Island of Gods, Bali, with their cats: Two-Face, Dusty and Bane (Yes, after the actor in Batman!).

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