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pt studio growth lab Overview


It’s a safe life, but the fitness industry has you in a nasty chokehold. You work hard and make money. Clients love you.

Overall, it’s nice (even great sometimes).

But if you’ve been in the game long enough, a sobering fact repeats in your head: your precious talents are lighting up someone else’s bank account. Their beachfront Tahitian hideaway is built on your shoulders.

Not a totally pleasant scenario. The truth never is. They provide you a floor to earn your stripes, and in exchange for your sweat, their brand equity grows.

A perfectly fair scenario, for awhile. You get money and security. They get everything else. But if you have talent, it’s not long before you realise that you’re as good as them.

And if you possess real talent, a louder message rings: you might be better than them — can go stronger, higher, farther, faster. You can help people in ways that get off-the-charts results, if only given the opportunity.

Yet nobody is going to give it to you. Certainly not the industry, which profits handsomely off your uncertainty, hesitation and uglier insecurities. It starts with you, but know this: starting your own business has nothing to do with what you “deserve” or what is “owed” to you.

It’s confidence and willpower: a total surrender to a higher vision of what’s possible in a man’s life.

There’s a gap between where you are (on their gym floor) and where you want to be (on your own studio floor). At J.Hanney Consulting, we’re filling that gap with a compact program we call the PT Studio Growth Lab, rich with a business savvy curriculum the fitness industry conveniently left out of your personal trainer certification courses.

The PT Studio Growth Lab has a curriculum, but it’s not a course (you’ve taken enough of those already). A “course” suggests there is a one size fits all linear path to personal success. If that was true, you’d already be getting some sun at your beach hideaway. Rather, this an online laboratory for you to experiment with your dream. It’s a place to test things out, try stuff on, explore possibilities, make mistakes, gain radical new competencies and grow.

10 Microlabs. Each contains concise information on a core competency required to open and maintain a successful PT Studio.

Not sure if opening a PT Studio is the right move, right now? You can pick and choose, depending on where you’re at and what your motivations are or you can purchase the complete course which gives you lifetime access and a bonus one on one coaching session with Joe!

microlab 1

Learn the 6 Motivational Traits which drive your clients, as well as the 8 Working Traits which ensure they stay focused and committed (to themselves and to your studio). Gain academic-grade insight into the linguistic ticks and behavioural patterns which rule their lives, then use that knowledge to serve them and your business at the highest possible level.

microlab 2

Number don’t lie. Track down and master the metrics which reveal your strengths and weaknesses. With awareness and verve, chase leads and conversions with grounded tenacity. Know when (and how) to align your energy actions to your bottom line and never run at a loss again.


microlab 3

Say no to cheap, demotivated energy vampires. Attract your ideal clients with the most effective training packages around. Get the skinny on what should be bundled together, from follow-up calls and nurturing sequences, to nutrition consultations and the actual sessions where you make them sweat.


microlab 4

Why sales, not fitness, needs to be your number one skill. Seduce a cold prospect from a free consultation all the way to them saying “Yes!” and becoming a happy client. Undercut common objections to convert the sale, and expertly push past “buyer remorse” by setting powerful expectations for a successful and electrifying client-coach journey.

microlab 5

Snag the lowest hanging fruit. Know the exact process that renews current clients 80% of the time into higher-end agreements. Cultivate the most effective communication strategies for successful renewals. Take your client’s unspoken expectations and engineer a process so that your client actually experiences them, inspiring them to tell others about your brand.

microlab 6

Wake up, then rule the day. Construct a stellar routine which controls your physical, emotional and mental state. Result-driven daily rituals that’ll keep you pointed North, even when challenges arise. Sit firmly in the driver’s seat, choosing when to work and when to have a day off, while still hitting (and surpassing) your personal and financial goals. Prop up a life where they have to work around you.

microlab 7

They’ll wear the company overalls, and do so happily. Avoid the early mistakes Joe made when building the UFit brand, and use those lessons to hire the right people, right now. At the same time, learn the power of letting go, dropping your guard, going with the flow, and the profitable power of a progressive, non-hierarchical company built on values and strengths.

microlab 8

Kiss the ring, first. Humility is the first step towards your own greatness. Know which shoulders of giants to stand on. Absorb the Top Ten qualities, characteristics and habits of the most influential personal trainers on Earth. In the process, understand if you are destined to claim the throne, or remain a humble follower.

microlab 9

Partner with the local media to co-create powerful, magnetising events. How to be an influential, charismatic and confident networker. How to get invites to your City’s top events. Advanced strategies to build trust, credibility, and market juice in the places you care about most.

microlab 10

Stop leaving money on the gym floor. Learn how to identify untapped income streams right under your nose. Create win-win partnerships with non-competing service providers which broaden your market reach, reputation, and revenue potential. Magically bundle products and services together in a way which steepens the pain of any of your clients canceling, as well as attracts new high-end business into your profitable ecosystem.

The complete course (all 10 microlabs) with lifetime access

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